NN Organic Green Tea- 200gm

100% Camellia sinensis leaf
Take a spoon full of green tea in boiling water .Keep it for 5 minutes and your green Tea is ready.
1. Rich in Bio-active compounds viz. flavonoids and catechins functioning as powerful anti-oxidants that reduce ROS(Reactive oxides) playing role in anti-aging and anti-cancerous property. EGCG is the main Anti-oxidant which treats various diseases.
2. Low caffeine content results increase in Dopamine and alpha waves in Brain which improves Brain function & impart anti-anxiety effect due to L-Theanine amino acid contained in green Tea.
3. Increases the fat burning (Fat Oxidation) by 17%.
4. Regular consumption lowers the risks of various cancers like: Breast Cancer, Prostate cancer ,Colorectal Cancer etc.
5. High Catechin content in it have various protective effects on neurons thus lowering the risk of degeneration of Neurotransmitters thus protecting from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.
6. Regular consumption helps in proper functioning of Insulin & reduces blood sugar level thus protecting from Type 2 Diabetes.
7. Lowers Total & LDL Cholesterol(Bad Cholesterol) thus helps in slim and healthy body. Green Tea consumption also reduce the dangerous abdominal fat and increases physical performance as well.
8. Low caffeine content in it increases the physical performance by metabolizing fatty acids of fat tissues making them available for use as energy.