NN Shampoo- 500ml

- Camellia sinensis(Green Tea)
- Acacia concinna(Shikakai)
- Lawsonia inermis(Henna)
- Emblica officinalis(Aamala)
- Bacopa monnieri(Brahmi)
- Azadirachta indica(Neem)
- Tribulus terrestris(Gokshura) etc.
Use appropriate amount of Nature Nest Green Tea shampoo in wet hair. Massage it and leave it for up to 2 minutes. Rinse it with water and repeat the procedure according to the requirement.
Nature Nest Green Tea Shampoo rejuvenates the scalp and promotes hair growth with presence of blend of various herbal extracts viz. Green Tea, Shikakai , Henna , Neem , Aamala, Brahmi and Gokshura. With antibacterial and anti-fungal property of Neem and Antioxidant rich property of Green Tea, Promotes a healthy scalp. This Shampoo formulation provides a balanced cleansing effect for oily hair and scalp to result shiny, bouncy and attractive hair with its regular use.
Benefits of Nature Nest Green Tea Shampoo:
- Is herbal based so minimizes exposure to harsh chemicals
- Deeply and gently cleans the hair and scalp
- Presence of Catechins anti-oxidants ( 5-alpha Reductase enzyme)help in repressing the DHT (Dihydrotestesterone) which is main cause for hair loss.DHT reduces Anagen phase(growth phase) and prolongs Telogen phase(dormant phase). Thus, regular use of this shampoo makes healthy hair and prevents hair loss.
- The herbal extract used in it stimulates hair growth and strengthen the thinning hair.
- The shampoo formulation gives a splendid shine and volume to dull hair due to the effect of vitamins contained mainly with Green Tea extract.
- The use of this shampoo stops split ends of hairs.
- The herbal formulation helps to avoid various infections like dandruff, seborrhea(red itchy rash and white scales), psoriasis etc.
- It gives relief for dryness and itchiness of scalp.
- The richness of essential vitamins , including Vitamin B helps in controlling hair fall as well as getting rid of split ends and softening of hair.