Honey- 1000gm

Honey from the flower and herbs.
It can be consumed directly or can be added in hot lemon water.
Honey is a natural product produced by honeybees and consists of a very concentrated solution of complex mixture of sugars , in which fructose and Glucose are the main ingredients.It is produced by Honey bees from the nectar of flowers.Honey has significant amount of anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties that kill and restrict the movement of bacteria by keeping the external wounds moist. Its high viscosity also helps in providing a protective cover to prevent an infection from spreading. Honey being a natural sweetener can be used as a healthy substitute for table sugar in food and drinks. As a great source of energy, Honey boosts body’s metabolism. In the long run, regular use of honey can help in the management of cough & throat irritation, and give you healthy & glowing skin and hair.