Diab Tea- 100gm

1. Tinospora sinensis (Gurjo)
2. Swertia chirayita (Chiraito )
3. Gymnema sylvestre (Gudamaar)
4. Psidium guajava (Guava)
5. Azadirachta indica (Neem)
6. Dendrobium sp.
Take a spoon full of Diab- Tea in boiling water .Keep it for 5 minutes , filter it and your Diab-Tea is ready.
This herbal tea is prepared from the naturally occurring wild crafted herbs collected from great Himalayas of Nepal. So the herbs are of great potency ensuring a high efficacy.
Diab-Tea contains the herbs which are of of proven Anti-diabetic property.They stimulate the pancreas to increase the secretion of insulin which normalizes excessive blood sugar level in the blood.
This tea contains the detoxifying herbs which makes body healthy and active by detoxifying the harmful substances(toxins) produced in the body.
Regular consumption of Diab-tea helps in controlling blood sugar to normal level.
The main benefits of Diab-Tea are :
- Improving insulin sensitivity and its maintenance in body so as to regulate the level of glucose in Blood.
- Maintaining healthy blood pressure
- Preventing blood clots
- Reducing risk of cardiovascular disease
- Reducing risks of developing type 2 diabetes
- Reducing risks of developing cancer
- It is highly prescribed for those who are willing stay free from diabetes life-long.